Capt Matt Mitchell- Archive articles

These articles will I hope give you a flavour of a years fishing in SW Florida from my perspective as I add my weekly adventures.

They may just help you decide when to make your trip or trips. (Latest article scroll to the bottom of the list)

''Tight Lines'' folks …

Lot's of Summertime options

Stirred up water conditions

Summer tactics

Hot Enough?

Dodging morning coastal showers

Summertime Family fishing

Cooler water for better action

Redfish Action is starting to heat up

My September Favourites are here.

September Snook season opener

Rain cooled water fires up fishing

Post Irma bite

Banging hot September Redfish action

The Beginning of Fall Fishing is here

Hints of Fall fishing options

Great Tides equals lots of fishing options

Fishing cold fronts is all about timing

Wintertime fishing pattern arrives overnight

Fishing action rebounds quickly

Shark variety pack..

Hiding from the wind

Great Gator Trout

Cleaner water Finally!

Switch to the winter pattern

Slowly warming up

Christmas warm up

Constantly changing conditions

Never too cold to catch Sheepshead

Its Shrimp time

Low and Slow gets it done

Windy weather duck and hide

Warm up now underway

Snook fishing turns on…

Spring action in February

Fish don't have a calendar

A challenging yet gratifying week

Finally some Redfish rehab..

Back to a winter fishing pattern again..

Spring fishing close at hand

Clean clear water equals big Trout

Tarpon have arrived..

Struggling for that Snook

Lots of fishing options

Pass fishing lights up!

Windy Tarpon tactics

Tarpon Time

Rainy season has begun

Memorial day washout

Back at it after the storm

June Snook fest

Big high tides offer lots of options

Barramundi fishing in Florida

Great flats action all week long

Dodging patchy red tides

Small bait for big action

Mangrove snapper bite is on

Summer snapper bite continues

Red tide cleanup underway

Red tide is gradually pushing out


Get out of your comfort zone

Snook and Redfish closed to harvest

Thanks Gordon!

Good water bad water

Life rebounds in the sound

Our waters are healing

Red tide gone but not forgotten

Zero Red tide

Excellent water conditions once again

Beach fishing frenzy

Big Redfish in the passes

Fast paced action is easy to find

Cold front options

Winter and Spring tactics

Temperature ups and downs of winter fishing

A few hours can make all the difference

Change your mindset

Winter dock fishing

Finally a warming trend

Wind or Fog does not stop the Sheepshead action

Cold water equals Sheepshead fishing

The process of elimination

Thermals in florida

Scout about

Wanna be a Shepard?

Prime month for Sheepshead fishing

Spring snook Bite

March Snookin ..

Endless Options

Spring like variety

Sheepshead in the morning then Snook in the afternoon

Hot Spanish mackerel bite

Time to think Tarpon

Sizzling Snook bite

Yet another windy April

Practice extreme Tarpon patience

The Tarpon have arrived…

Spring time fishing options

Great action close to home

Holiday weekend fishing

Useppa Tarpon Tournament

Summer heat has arrived

Find the Tarpon highway

Passes heat up..

Fathers Day fillets

Summertime fishing just keeps getting better

'Barry' fires up the bite

Summer family fun trips

Don't forget last August 2018

Trout recovery nothing short of amazing

Trout fishing is back

Rainy day Redfish bite is back

Fall like fishing has arrived

Fishing more predictable than hurricane Dorian

September fishing is as good as it gets

Fall fishing frenzy

A windy start to Fall

Fall fishing at its best

Red October

Change of season fires up the fish


Mother nature will keep you on your toes

Switching to Shrimp

Our first cold front fires up fishing

Winter finally arrives

Wrecking Red's

Magical childhood creeks

The beloved Sheepshead

How low can it go

Winter weather swings

Shiners finally paid off

Sheepshead season has arrived

Weather Rollercoaster

Get the cold weather get out again

Cold water surprises

Sheepshead Smackdown

Switching it up

Fishing heats up

Goodbye early Spring

The good before the bad

Timing during winter is everything

Spring break fishing

Self quarantine with the fish

Tarpon Tales

Lots of choices

Wind is the enemy of Tarpon anglers

Karen's Killer day

Changing it up for success

Escape to the water

Prime time Tarpon fishing

Back to my roots

Fun family shark fishing

Beat the Heat

Pre Christobel action

Pick a pass

Summer time tactics

Small baits big fish

Go deep in hot water conditions

Don't pass on the passes

Find the fry bait and you will find the fish

Summer rains

The closure has been a winner for everybody

Slick mornings and a day off

Experience the recovery

Make a plan for success

Explore somewhere new

September Silver

Sight fishing the beaches

September Grand Slams

Fabulous Fall fishing

Variety and quality

Good times at the bars

Amazing fall fishing

The pattern for success

Blown out

Challenging weather

Rollercoaster weather

First day back at it

What a week!

Cold front tactics

Winter Sheepshead tactics

Winter weather rollercoaster

Christmas cool down

Shiner stress

Keep on Shiner fishing

Where are the Sheepshead?

Redfish Redfish Redfish

Bad weather-great fishing

The best Sheepshead fishing of winter

Spring fishing has arrived

Change of season, change gears

Got to love an early spring

Instant gratification fishing

Spectacular Sheepshead fishing

A week of firsts

Spring in full swing

An early April reset

Guide Life

Tarpon time has arrived

Full moon arrival

Tarpon time is here

Wave goodbye on this last tarpon jump of the battle

Tarpon Tournament

Wind and more wind

Travelling Tarpon

Summer has arrived

Dog days of summer offer amazing fishing opportunities

Summertime Trout fishing

Run from the storms to stay safe

Summer family fun

Post Elsa action

Mixed bag summer fishing

Match the hatch

Hot with a chance of hotter

Mangrove Snapper mania

Big fish little bait

Fish Concierge

Hungry post spawn Tarpon

Schooling Redfish time

Muskie fishing in Wisconsin

Subtle signs of fall

Beach Blitz

October Redfish

Follow the birds to the action

Fall hunting season

Bait and more bait

Change it up after the front

Cycle of cold fronts

The Fall feed is on

Low and slow during the cold

Pieces in the puzzle

Negative lows a plus

Slow it down and take it all in

Just enjoy fishing

Tropical Xmas

Sheepshead -it's what's for dinner

Be flexible

Winter arrives

Wow it's winter

Another winter weather weekend

Winter fishing patterns in full swing

Working mans fish

Trout and Sheepshead for the win

It's a spring thing

Spring Snook

One last cold blast

Trout indicate clean healthy water

Just dumb

Time of day or tide?

Wind from the south

Tarpon anticipation is over

Turn this wind off

Tarpon fishing is in full swing

Tarpon tales

Options and more options

One cast away from being a rock star

Conditions are so right

Mother Nature Rules..

Tarpon Frustration

Change of focus

Summer Snookin

Family fun fishing

Tips for dealing with summer heat

Offshore Fun

Kids on summer break

Heat and more heat

Make your own luck

Big moon Big tides

Loving the lack of boat pressure

Dodging morning coastal showers

Let them live to fight another day

Wide open Redfish action

Roll with it in October

No place like home

Back to business

Cold water tactics